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Leaf Pattern Design


Welcome to My Beautiful World

Hi, I’m Ashley Sanchez 

This Is My Story

I've been in the beauty industry since 2016 and started as a bridal hairstylist in Richmond. I have always had a passion for hair. From Bridal to Editorial, I love to create an effervescent imagery that is truly memorable. 

When I think of hair, a memory comes to mind. I'm sitting in front of my mom and she is combing and braiding my hair as we watch TV and talk about our day. I never felt more at peace then when I sat in front of her ready to be "beautified". That's the peace and fulfillment I hope to bring to all that sit in my chair. 

I pride myself in working with every client, no mater the hair type, age or occasion. I want to be the reoccurring guest invited to every important moment in your life.

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