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Jumping right in

This past week has been a week of first.

I got to partake in my first branding lifestyle shoot for my business. I've taken headshots before with my other beauty team, but this was my first time I got to choose how I wanted my brand and I portrayed.

It was hard to decided what I wanted the vibe of my brand to be, but once I saw our location I knew the idea behind my brand. We picked this retro inspired Peerspace called 'HomeawayRVA'. It was decorated in all these beautiful bright colors, art deco furniture, & disco balls. Melanie, Amanda and myself couldn't stop saying how we wish that it was our home. That in another life it would be our artistic sanctuary.

It truely sparked the idea behind the vibe I wanted to convey with my own business. I want my work to be the dream that is obtainable, Inspired, fun and bright.

Along with this first time experience, I was also offered to do hair at New York Bridal Fashion Week!

I've never done hair for a fashion show and I was pretty on the fence about taking the job. It's unpaid and I wasn't sure if it was worth the experience, but my friend Nick said some very wise words to me while I was asking my friends whether I should go or not. He said

"Opportunities like these aren't ones you turn down."

And he was 100% right! It's NEW YORK FIRCKEN BRIDAL FASHION WEEK! If you would have told me I'd ever be doing hair for a fashion show for hundreds of people to see I would have told you "no way!" let alone in New York. So I'm taking the leap and seeing what happens. NEW YORK, HERE I COME!

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